Golf Instruction at Sandridge Golf Club
Teaching Philosophy

The objective of Bela Nagy, our Director of Golf & PGA Member, as an instructor of the game of golf is to take your golf swing and make it work more effectively. This is an objective shared by all of Bela's teaching staff. We try to make minimal changes while working on the fundamentals of the swing. When you finish each session, your improvement will be noticeable and easy to practice. We strive to make each lesson a positive experience.

Golf is one of the few games where you cannot teach yourself. If you practice bad habits, you will become a frustrated golfer. It is best to have a trained pair of eyes by qualified, trained PGA Professionals to help you develop good practice and swing habits.

Do you know that on average, Putting consists of 43% of the score, Chipping 13% and Pitching (Shots from within 40 yards of the green) another 8%. Why is it then, most average golfers if and when they do practice, head to the driving range and immediately take out the driver? Remember, amateurs teach amateurs to play like amateurs.

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