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2018-19 Sandridge Ladies League Dues

2018-19 Sandridge Golf Club
18 Hole Ladies League
Key Dates
October 31, 2018                                       Halloween Hot Ball Scramble
November 21, 2018                                    Blind Nine Scramble
December 19, 2018                                    Santa Ball Scramble
January 16, 2019                                        Ladies Member/ Member & Luncheon
February 27 & March 6, 2019                     Championship (36 Hole Aggregate Score)
April 3, 2019                                               Ladies Member/ Guest & Luncheon
April 17, 2019                                             Final Day Shotgun, & Luncheon

· The weekly game will be listed on the genius website. Upon registering for the league, you will be added to the league roster on the website.
· Each week we will provide a sign-up sheet for the current month. Upon registering for the league, you will be added to this list. You simply check the dates you wish to play. On Saturday we will compile a list of players and send a reminder email to the league. You then have until Tuesday to add or subtract your name from the roster via email, phone, or pro shop visit. Tee times will then be posted to the website and another email prompt will be sent.
· Tee times will begin at 7:56 P.M. every Wednesday
· The league calendar will be posted to the league webpage.
2018-19 Fee:  The $75.00 League Fee
Includes U.S.G.A. Handicap Membership,
Prizes throughout the season and season ending Cocktail Party. 
Also, each week $3.00 will be collected for weekly prize payouts.